Golden Sun

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Golden Sun
Developer(s)Camelot Software Planning
Director(s)Shugo Takahashi
Writer(s)Hiroyuki Takahashi
Composer(s)Motoi Sakuraba
SeriesGolden Sun
Platform(s)Game Boy Advance
Genre(s)Role-playing video game
Mode(s)Single player, 2 players ( needGame Link Cable)

Golden Sun is a Game Boy Advance handheld role-playing video game. It was developed by Camelot and published in 2001 by Nintendo. It's the first of the Golden Sun series. In Japan, it's named Ōgon no Taiyō Hirakareshi Fūin (黄金の太陽 開かれし封印, meaning Golden Sun: The Broken Seal). In 2003, the second of the series named Golden Sun: the Lost Age was released. The game's "Djinn" setting is unusual.

The game's story take place on a magic world named "Weyard". It's an alchemy world, and alchemy can be controlled by adepts. Long long ago, Alchemy was sealed, but one day some young adepts let it return to Weyard. To keep world safety, they have to travel to let alchemy be sealed again.

IGN's Craig Harris said Golden Sun "is the best game in all 2D-based Japanese RPG".[1]

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