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Golden calf

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The Golden calf was a Golden Calf that most of the Israelites worshipped when G-d told them not to worship idols.

Background[change | change source]

After God gave the Israelites the Ten Commandments, the Israelites were afraid so they asked Moses to go up Mount Sinai to get the rest of the Torah. He stayed there a long time so they thought he was dead. They threatened Aaron into building a giant Calf out of Gold. They then started to worship the Golden Calf (except for the Levites who didn’t). And they also danced naked in front of it. So God threatened to kill all Israelites except Moses for their sin but Moses prayed to God to have mercy and God did.

Breaking of the Tablets[change | change source]

After Moses saw the Israelites worshiping the Golden Calf, he broke the stone tables where the Ten Commandments were written.

Massacre of the Calf Worshippers[change | change source]

Moses said “all who are for God, follow me” and all the Levites joined him. They killed everyone they saw worship the Golden Calf.

Drinking the Calf’s Remains[change | change source]

Moses had the Golden Calf destroyed and turned into a powder. He mixed the powder with water and made everyone drink it. Anyone who worshipped the Golden Calf died when they started drinking it.

Forgiveness[change | change source]

When Moses went back up Mount Sinai, the Israelites started fasting and continued for the next 40 days. So God forgave the Israelites for their sins and gave them a second set of stone tables with the Ten Commandments on them.