Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

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Gotthold E. Lessing

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (22 January 1729 in Kamenz (Saxony) – 15 February 1781 in Braunschweig) was a German poet and philosopher in the time of the enlightenment.

Life[change | change source]

Lessing was one of twelve children. His father was a Protestant priest. He went to school in Kamenz and got a stipendium for the Higher School in Meißen. From 1746 to 1748, he studied medicine and theology in Leipzig. In 1750, he moved to Berlin, where he met Voltaire. In 1752 he got the Magister (Master) degree from the university in Wittenberg.

He moved back to Leipzig in 1755, but returned later to Berlin. He traveled around in Europe and studied. He worked as a reporter. From 1760 to 1765, he worked as secretary for a general in Breslau (today: Wroclaw). Later he worked at the theater and became a librarian. Lessing got married in 1776. But 1778 his wife died.

In 1781, Lessing died.

Works[change | change source]

1747 Damon oder die wahre Freundschaft (Damon, or true friendship)
1748 Der junge Gelehrte (The young savant)
  Der Misogyn
  Die alte Jungfer (the old virgin)
1749 Die Juden (The Jews)
  Der Freigeist (The free spirit)
1750 Der Schatz (The Treasure)
1755 Miss Sara Sampson
1759 Fabeln (3 Bücher) (Fables, 3 books)
  Faust (Fragment) (Faust, a frament)
1766 Laokoon oder Über die Grenzen der Malerei und Poesie
1767 Minna von Barnhelm
  Hamburgische Dramaturgie (1767-1769)
1772 Emilia Galotti
1777 Das Testament Johannis
  Über den Beweis des Geistes und der Kraft
1778 Anti-Goeze
1779 Nathan der Weise
1780 Die Erziehung des Menschengeschlechts
1781 Die eheliche Liebe (Gedicht)
  Ernst und Falk - Gespräche für Freimaurer

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