Grain (disambiguation)

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A "cereal" grain is the seed of a grass, a simple dry fruit technically called a caryopsis. Grain may also refer to:

  • Grain (measure), a mass of 64.79891 milligrams, 1/7,000th of an avoirdupois pound
  • Film grain, the fineness of image resolution for photographic film
  • Grain size, for particles of rock in geology
  • Grain in metallurgy
  • GRAIN - an international non-governmental organization for sustainable agriculture
  • Isle of Grain in Kent, England, on which lies the village of Grain, Kent
  • Grain, a solid propellant charge, roughly a hollow cylinder, sometimes textured, and possibly very large
  • Granular synthesis, a method for digital musical instruments operating on the microsound time scale
  • Wood grain, the alignment and texture of the wood fibres for woodworking
  • Grain, a single crystal inside solid-state matter; see crystallite. Related to the obsolete "corn" as in corned beef
  • "fine-grained" designates a more differentiated form of a technical or abstract system

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