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Historical center of Graz
Graz, Georg Matthäus Vischer (1670)
coat of arms

Graz is a city in Austria and capital of Styria.

After Vienna, Graz has the second highest number of people living in the city. In 2014 the city and surrounding areas had 605,143 people. The city has six universities.

History[change | change source]

The oldest reference to Graz in historical documents is from 1128. In 1379 Graz became the capital of Inner Austria. (Inner Austria included Styria, Carinthia, Krain, Inner Istria and Trieste.) The Roman Empire used Graz as a stronghold to defend against enemies on the southeast. Two of the buildings created at that period (Glockenturm which is a clock tower, and Uhrturm which is a bell tower) have become landmarks of Graz.[1]

The Historic Centre and Schloss Eggenberg is named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.[2]

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