List of postal codes in Austria

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Austrian postal code areas

Postal codes in Austria consist of four digits. They were introduced on 1 January 1966. Each code denotes a post office of the Österreichische Post company.

The first digit identifies a geographic delivery area in Austria. The second identifies a routing area. The third defines the route the mail takes by either car/truck or train. The fourth stands for the post office outlet in the routing city.

Postal codes by state[change | change source]

Vienna[change | change source]

Lower Austria[change | change source]


Upper Austria[change | change source]

Salzburg[change | change source]

Tyrol[change | change source]

Vorarlberg[change | change source]

Burgenland[change | change source]

Styria[change | change source]

Carinthia[change | change source]