Grumman F4F Wildcat

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F4F Wildcat
F4F-3 new pitot tube of later model.jpg
F4F-3 in non-reflective blue-gray over light gray scheme from early 1942
Role Fighter aircraft
National origin United States
First flight 2 September 1937
Introduction December 1940
Retired 1945
Primary users United States Navy
United States Marine Corps
Royal Navy
Royal Canadian Navy
Number built 7,885[1]

The F4F Wildcat was a fighter aircraft made by Grumman. It first flew in 1937, and was introduced in 1940. It was used in the Pacific during the early years of World War II. It could take off from aircraft carriers. During the war, it mainly fought the A6M Zero. Because the Wildcat was not beating the Zero, a new airplane was made called the F6F Hellcat. The Wildcat continued to fight in places where the Hellcat was too big, and was retired in 1945.

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