Grunge music

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Stylistic originsPunk rock
Alternative rock
Hard rock
Noise rock
Hardcore punk
Heavy metal
Cultural originsMid-1980s, United States
Typical instrumentsGuitar, drums, vocals, bass guitar
Mainstream popularityHigh in early 1990s
Derivative formsPost-grunge
Regional scenes
Seattle Sound

Grunge music or Seattle sound (as it is called sometimes) is a style of rock music that has elements of punk rock and heavy metal. It started in the mid- 1980s in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, especially in the states of Washington and Oregon. It became more popular in the early 1990s. Grunge songs often had lyrics with nihilism, depression, unhappiness, or apathy as themes. The widespread use of heroin as a recreational drug found its way into the lyrics and careers of numerous grunge rockers, notably Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley of "Alice in Chains".

The songs often had light (or clean) guitar sounds in the verses, and the high energy boost of distorted (or dirty) guitars in the choruses. The line-up for these bands was the typical rock band of guitars, bass, drums and vocal.

Although grunge as a movement became less popular by the last 1990s, its influence is still heard in many bands today.

Grunge artists[change | change source]

Some well known grunge artists were: