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Guarani, Guaraní or Guarany may refer to

Ethnography[change | change source]

  • Guaraní people, an indigenous people from South America's interior (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia)
  • Guaraní language, or Paraguayan Guarani, an official language of Paraguay
  • Guarani dialects, spoken in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay
  • Guarani languages, a group of languages, including Guarani, in the Tupí-Guaraní language subfamily

Economics[change | change source]

Geography[change | change source]

Literature and music[change | change source]

  • The Guarani, an 1857 novel by José de Alencar
  • Il Guarany, an opera by Carlos Gomes, based on the above novel

Machines[change | change source]

  • VBTP-MR, a Brazilian 6x6 armored personnel carrier

Association football (soccer) clubs[change | change source]