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Guaraní people

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Total population
5 million[1] (estimated)
Regions with significant populations
Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay
Guarani, Spanish, Portuguese
Catholicism, Protestantism, Animism
Related ethnic groups
Aché, Chané, Kaingang, Mbayá, Tupi

The Guarani are a group of peoples of South America. They were in the continent before any European arrived there. They speak the Guarani language. In the present the Guarani people live in Paraguay, the Misiones Province of Argentina, southern Brazil once as far north as Rio de Janeiro, and parts of Uruguay and Bolivia.[2]

Location[change | change source]

Originally, they lived in Paraguay between the Uruguay River and lower Paraguay River. In Argentina in the Misiones Province. In Brazil from its south up to Rio de Janeiro. Also, in parts of Uruguay and Bolivia.

Today they still live in those areas, but their absolute and relative numbers were reduced by European colonisation and mixing up with Europeans. Most notably, the Guarani language, still widely spoken across traditional Guarani homelands, is one of the two official languages in Paraguay, the other one being Spanish.[3]

Guarani ceramics.
Guarani ceramics bowls, Museum Farroupilha, in Triunfo, Rio Grande do Sul.

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