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This is a temporary maintenance category used by the Wikipedia:WikiProject Ethnic groups, to keep track of a maintenance task regarding the Template:Infobox Ethnic group. It was determined in a discussion at the WikiProject (here and here) that some unreliable information and WP:OR claims may in the past have been inserted in the infobox in some cases. This concerns particularly the field about "Related ethnic groups", which used to be an obligatory part of the template in the past.

Editors are encouraged to review usage of the infobox, and to remove questionable content from the field if it is not well sourced or if the decisions that led to inclusion or exclusion of some group in that field was based on WP:OR considerations regarding the weighting of diverging criteria regarding "relatedness". In such cases, editors are encouraged to remove the field and instead include a well-sourced discussion of whatever issues of "relatedness" exist with regard to a given group in the body text of the article.

This category keeps track of all pages that currently employ the "related=" field in the ethnic groups infobox. Once the contents of that field in a given page have been checked and editors feel confident they are legitimate, the field can be renamed to "related-c=" (i.e. "confirmed"), which will remove the page from this category.

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