Costa Rican people

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Costa Ricans
Costa Rican Spanish, Limonese Creole, Bribri, Ngäbere
Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism and minorities of other religions.
Related ethnic groups
Spaniards, Italian Costa Rican, Chorotega, Other European peoples, Afro-Costa Rican, Other Amerindian peoples, Chinese people in Costa Rica, Nicaraguan Diaspora, Mulatto
Stone sphere created by the Diquis culture in the National Museum of Costa Rica.

Costa Ricans, (costarricenses in Spanish) are also called ticos. They are from a multiethnic Spanish speaking nation in Central America. It is called Costa Rica. Costa Ricans do not consider their nationality one ethnicity. This is because there are many ethnic backgrounds. Costa Ricans are mostly criollos, castizos and mestizos. There are four small minority groups: Mulattos, Blacks, Amerindians and Asians.

The 2011 Census states Costa Rica has a population of 4,301,712 people.

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