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Faroe Islanders

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Faroese people
Faroese folk dancers, in national costumes.
Total population
c. 70,000
Regions with significant populations
 Faroe Islands≈50,000[1]
Faroese, Danish (Gøtudanskt accent)
Lutheranism (Church of the Faroe Islands)
Historically also the Norse religion and Roman Catholicism (1000–1538)
Related ethnic groups
Other Germanic peoples
(especially North Germanic peoples);

Faroe Islanders are people who inhabit the Faroe Islands.

References[change | change source]

  1. According to a 2009 estimate, the population of the Faroe Islands was 49,000, ~92% of that population was Faroese born, which is approximately 45,000. (See demographics of the Faroe Islands)
  2. Politiken, 2006 (newspaper written in Danish)
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