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Bundesarchiv Bild 105-DSWA0038, Deutsch-Süd-Westafrika, Ovambo-Männer.jpg
Ovambo men in the early 20th century
Total population
~2 million
Regions with significant populations
 Namibia~1.3 million (49.5% of Namibia population)[1][2]
Ovambo, English, Portuguese
Lutheranism, Other[2]
Related ethnic groups
Ovimbundu, Herero and other Bantu peoples

The Ovambo people (pronounced [ovambo] (audio speaker iconlisten)), also called Aawambo, Ambo, Aawambo (Ndonga, Nghandjera, Kwambi, Mbalantu), or Ovawambo (Kwanyama) are the main ethnic group in Namibia. They are 49% of the population in Namibia.[1]

Ovambo clans[change | change source]

This table has the names, areas, dialect names and the locations of the Ovambo according to T. E. Tirronen's Ndonga-English Dictionary. The table also has information about the of noun class of the Proto-Bantu language for these words.[3]

Area Clan Dialect Location
Classes 9 (*ny > on-), 11 (uu-/ou-) Class 2 (*wa-, a-) Class 7 (*ki > oshi-)
O-ndonga Aa-ndonga Oshi-ndonga Southern Ovamboland
Uu-kwambi Aa-kwambi Oshi-kwambi Central Ovamboland Oshakati
O-ngadjera Aa-ngandjera Oshi-ngandjera Central Ovamboland
Uu-kwaluudhi Aa-kwaluudhi Oshi-kwaluudhi Western Ovamboland
O-mbalanhu Aa-mbalanhu Oshi-mbalanhu Western Ovamboland
Uu-kolonkadhi Aa-kolonkadhi Oshi-kolonkadhi Western Ovamboland
Ou-kwanyama Ova-kwanyama Oshi-kwanyama Northern and Eastern Ovamboland, Southern Angola
E-unda Ova-unda Oshi-unda Western Ovamboland, Epalela vicinity
O-mbadja Ova-mbadja Oshi-mbadja Southern Angola, Shangalala region

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