Austrian Canadians

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Austrian Canadians
Canadiens autrichiens
Total population
207,050 (by ancestry, 2016)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Mississauga, Ottawa, Calgary, Quebec City
Christianity · Judaism · Islam
Related ethnic groups
German Canadians · Swiss Canadians · Luxembourgian Canadians · Belgian Canadians

Austrian Canadians (German: Österreichischekanadier, pronounced [ˈøːstɐʁaɪ̯çɪʃəkaˌnaːdi̯ɐ]) are Canadian citizens who are of Austrian ancestry or Austrian-born people who reside in Canada. According to the 2016 Census there were 207,050 Canadians who claimed either full or partial Austrian ancestry.[2]

Austrian Canadian communities can be found throughout the country but with a higher number mainly in Western Canada.

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