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Peoria Tribe of Indians
Ruthe blalock jones.jpg
Ruthe Blalock Jones,
Peoria-Shawnee-Delaware artist
Total population
Regions with significant populations
 United States ( Oklahoma)
English, formerly Miami-Illinois
Christianity (Roman Catholicism),
traditional tribal religions
Related ethnic groups
Kaskaskia, Piankeshaw, and Wea

The Peoria (or Peouaroua) are a Native American people. They are in the federally recognized Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma. Historically, they were part of the Illinois Confederation.

Traditionally, the Peoria spoke a dialect of the Miami-Illinois language. The name "Peoria" comes from their autonym (name for themselves) in the Illinois language, peewaareewa (modern pronunciation peewaalia). It first meant "Comes carrying a pack on his back."[2] No speakers of the Peoria language are alive.[3]

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