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Background information
Also known as The C.O.M.
Origin South Korea
Genres Rock, psychedelic music
Years active 2003–present
Labels Blue Entertainment
Ha Hyun-woo
Jeon Kyu-ho
Lee Jung-gil
Kim Ki-bum
Past members
Kim Jin-eok

Guckkasten (Hangul: 국카스텐) is a South Korean rock group which is known for psychedelic music. The members are Ha Hyun-woo (Hangul: 하현우), Jeon Kyu-ho (Hangul: 전규호), Lee Jung-gil (Hangul: 이정길) and Kim Ki-bum (Hangul: 김기범).
The group formed in 2003 and the name was "The C.O.M" at that time.
Then they changed the name of group to "Guckkasten" in 2007. The name "Guckkasten" is German and means "Chinese-style kaleidoscope".
This band try to express their experimental minds by playing music like psychedelic videos hidden under analogous style. Their name of group is "Guckkasten" because that kind of music seems like Chinese-style kaleidoscope.

Members[change | change source]

  • Ha Hyun-woo (하현우) : vocals, guitar
  • Jeon Kyu-ho (전규호) : guitar
  • Lee Jung-gil (이정길) : drums
  • Kim Ki-bum (김기범) : bass guitar

History of Guckkasten[change | change source]

Lee Jung-gil and Ha Hyun-woo started a school band together. After quitting school, they moved to Seoul. Then they scouted Jeon Kyu-ho through the Internet and started a band "New unbalance". In 2003, they realign their members and made a band as a name of "The C.O.M". However, they broke up that year after the "Ssamji sound festival". Meanwhile, they started the band again in 2007. They changed their name of band to "Guckkasten" In 2008, Kim Ki-bum joined the band. Since then, they have performed as the band "Guckkasten".

Musical Style and Artistry[change | change source]

The music of Guckkasten can be classified as psychedelic. They try to express their music as psychedelic videos which is hidden under analogue.It is because their music is inspired by Hague's piece called Art and Fire. Although their music can be classified as psychedelic music in some points, their genre can't be defined clearly. Their music is expressed in various ways and the songs are very changeable.They are skilled guitar players, and their sound is guitar focused. But they have said that this will change on their 2nd album.

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