Gwon Sang-ha

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Gwon Sang-ha (1641 - September 2, 1721) was a politician and Neo Confucian scholar, teacher, and writer of the Joseon Dynasty. He was second leader of Noron Partys, disciple of Song Siyeol, Song Jun-gil and ideological successor of founder Noron Party and his teacher Song Siyeol. Nicknames was Suam, Hansujae.

Work book[change | change source]

  • Hansujaejip (한수재집, 寒水齋集)
  • Samseojipui (삼서집의, 三書輯疑)
  • Gibaegitaeyeonpyo (기백이태연표 箕伯李泰淵表)
  • Hyeongchamgwongeukhwapyo (형참권극화표 刑參權克和表)
  • Busagwaisukpyo (부사과이숙표 副司果李塾表)

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