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Hagar was an Egyptian woman who was given as a servant to Abraham. When Abraham’s wife Sarah couldn’t have children, Sarah told Abraham to marry Hagar. Then Abraham married Hagar and she became pregnant and then became arrogant so Sarah treated her badly and then she ran away but an angel told Hagar to go back to Abraham because the Almighty would be with her, help her and protect her. Hagar came back and gave birth to a son, Ishmael. After Sarah gave birth to Isaac, she told Abraham to banish both Hagar and her son. Then the Almighty told Abraham to listen to his wife Sarah, so Abraham sent Hagar and Ishmael away with water that they could use to survive. When Ishmael got sick, Hagar gave him all the water she had and when she needed more for him, an angel gave it to her so she could save Ishmael. Ishmael then became the ancestor of the Ishmaelites.