Hardcore hip hop

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Hardcore hip hop
Stylistic origins Hip hop
Cultural origins mid-1980s
Typical instruments Various
Mainstream popularity Made a breakthrough in the early 1990s, became popular in the mid-1990s
Derivative forms Gangsta rap, Horrorcore, Mafioso rap, Trap
Regional scenes
Southwest hip hop, West Coast hip hop, East Coast hip hop, Southern hip hop, Midwest hip hop, North Coast Hip Hop, Northwest hip hop

Hardcore hip hop (or Hardcore rap) is a form of hip hop that originated in the East Coast hip hop scene. It is known for being aggressive with noisy instruments. The most common things that hardcore artists talk about include sex, nudity, partying, drugs, profanity, police brutality, racism, personal conflicts, consciousness, social issues and the harsh surroundings of the rapper's environment. Types of music inspired by hardcore hip hop include gangsta rap (a type of rap about urban crime and the violent lifestyles of young people in cities), horrorcore (hip hop with horror-themed lyrics and images) and most recently trap (a form of southern hip hop).

Notable Artists[change | change source]