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Eminem - Concert for Valor in Washington, D.C. Nov. 11, 2014 (2) (Cropped).jpg
Eminem performing in the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on November 11, 2014.
Born Marshall Bruce Mathers III
(1972-10-17) October 17, 1972 (age 45)
St. Joseph, Missouri, U.S.
39°45′29″N 94°50′12″W / 39.75806°N 94.83667°W / 39.75806; -94.83667
Residence Rochester Hills, Michigan, U.S.
42°39′29″N 83°8′59″W / 42.65806°N 83.14972°W / 42.65806; -83.14972
Nationality American
Other names
  • Double M
  • M&M
  • Rapper
  • singer
  • composer
  • record producer
  • record executive
  • actor
Years active 1988–present
Net worth US$190 million
Spouse(s) Kimberly Scott (1999-2001; 2006)
  • Hailie Jade Scott Mathers
  • Alaina Mathers
  • Whitney Scott Mathers
Musical career
Origin Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
42°19′53″N 83°02′45″W / 42.33139°N 83.04583°W / 42.33139; -83.04583
Genres Hip hop
  • Vocals
  • keyboards
  • drums
  • sampler
Associated acts

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph), better known by his stage name Eminem (sometimes written as EMINƎM), is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor.[1] He gained rapid popularity in 1999 with the release of the album The Slim Shady LP, which won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album that year. His next work, The Marshall Mathers LP, became the best-selling solo album in U.S. history.[2] This made him known around the world, and helped publicize his record label, Shady Records, and his group, D12.

The Marshall Mathers LP and his fourth album, The Eminem Show, also won the Grammy Awards, making him the first artist to win the Best Rap Album of the Year award three times in a row. In 2003, he won an Oscar for Best Original Song with "Lose Yourself," which was featured in his semi-biopic, 8 Mile. "Lose Yourself" would become the single that for the longest time occupied the top spot of the hip-hop charts.[3] In 2004, rumors about the end of his career were announced after the release of Encore, which were ended with the announcement of Relapse, officially released on May 15, 2009. According to Nielsen SoundScan, Eminem was the best selling artist of the 2000s in the United States and is currently the 30th best selling artist of all time, according to the ranking of the RIAA, with 115 million albums sold worldwide.[4] In 2010, he released Recovery, which featured the single "Love the Way You Lie," which was a huge commercial success. Recovery became the sixth album in-a-row by Eminem to start in the first position of the United States. At first, the album was at the top for five weeks in a row, returning later to two, and adding up to seven weeks in total.[5]

Eminem was voted #79 on VH1's "100 Greatest Artists of All Time" list.[6] On a similar list, he was ranked 82nd by Rolling Stone magazine.[7] Including work with D12, Eminem piles up 9 albums at the top of the Billboard Top 200, 7 solo (6 studio, 1 compilation) and 2 solo with D12. He has 13 singles in the top position worldwide.[8] Such a success made Eminem be recognized by the Billboard as the Artist of the Decade.[9] According to the same Billboard, the rapper had two of the five best-selling albums between 2000 and 2009.[10] Eminem has also sold more than 17 million downloads of his songs in the United States alone.[11] In October, 2008, Vibe's readers voted him as "The Best Rapper Alive".[12]

Early life[change | change source]

Born in St. Joseph, Missouri, Marshall Bruce Mathers III was the only son of Deborah Nelson Mathers-Briggs and Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. His ancestry is diverse, including Scottish, Welsh, English, German, Swiss, Polish, and possibly Luxemburgish ancestors.[13][14] His father abandoned his family when he was a year and a half old, and Marshall was raised only by his mother in poverty. At age twelve, he and his mother Deborah had moved several times and lived in several towns and cities in Missouri (including Saint Joseph, Savannah, and Kansas City) before settling in Warren, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.[15]

After getting a copy of the album Licensed to Ill, from the Beastie Boys group as a teenager, Marshall became interested in hip hop, making inexperienced raps at the age of 14, under the pseudonym "M&M". Shortly after that, he joined the Bassmint Productions group, which released an EP titled Steppin' onto the Scene.[16] After the release of the EP, Marshall left the group and changed his stage name to "Soul Intent" and released in 1995 their first single called "Fuckin' Backstabber" under the independent record label Mashin' Duck Records.[1][17] Although a student at Lincoln High School in Warren, he often participated in freestyle battles at the non-functioning Osborn High School on the east side of Detroit.[18] Although most of the hip hop movement members in his state were descendants of African-Americans, Marshall ended up being well accepted by the public underground hip hop.[1] After repeating the ninth grade twice for too many fouls and low grades, he dropped out of school at age 17.

In 1991, his mother-based uncle, Ronald "Ronnie" Nelson, committed suicide with a shotgun shot in the head. Marshall was very close to him and was devastated by this fact; today, he sports a tattoo on his left arm with the writing: "Ronnie RIP".[19]

Music career[change | change source]

Eminem started rapping for a group in his hometown of Detroit called Soul Intent in 1988. In 1996, he released his debut album which was called Infinite, released by Web Entertainment. It did not sell that many copies. In 1999, he released his world-renowned album The Slim Shady LP after he was signed to Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope records. A year later, he released his third album The Marshall Mathers LP.

His fourth album, The Eminem Show, was released in 2002. It also got critical and commerical success. Encore was released in 2004 and sold well depsite being seen as a step down in quality. Eminem then went on hiatus for a few years while dealing with personal issues. He returned in 2009 with the album Relapse.

His seventh album Recovery came out in 2010 and received huge commercial success. His eighth album is The Marshall Mathers LP 2 from 2013.

Eminem is often called the "Best Rapper Alive" and was named the "King Of Hip-Hop" in 2011. He is the best-selling hip hop artist of all time and one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold over 195 million records worldwide.

Acting career[change | change source]

Eminem starred in a movie called 8 Mile, which is semi-autobiographical (a movie about himself but not fully). He wrote the song "Lose Yourself" for the movie. The song won the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Personal life[change | change source]

Eminem has one biological daughter named Hailie Jade Scott Mathers by ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott Mathers. Kimberly and Eminem married in 1999. After debuting the 2000 hit, "Kim," they separated the following year. He has adopted two of his nieces as daughters. He is the legal guardian of his half-brother, Nathan.

Songs[change | change source]

Eminem has written and sung over 250 songs famous ones include "Lose Yourself," "Rap God," "Not Afraid," and "Love The Way You Lie."

Studio albums[change | change source]

Eminem has released 9 studio albums:

Year Album
1996 Infinite
1999 The Slim Shady LP
2000 The Marshall Mathers LP
2002 The Eminem Show
2004 Encore
2009 Relapse
2010 Recovery
2013 The Marshall Mathers LP 2
2017 Revival

Compilation albums[change | change source]

Year Album
2002 8 Mile
2003 The Singles
2005 Curtain Call: The Hits
2006 Eminem Presents: The Re-Up
2011 Bad Meets Evil
2014 Shady XV

References[change | change source]

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