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Harriet Bosse

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Harriet Bosse
Born19 February 1878
DiedNovember 2, 1961(1961-11-02) (aged 83)
Cause of deathstroke

Harriet Sofie Bosse (19 February 1878 in Oslo – 2 November 1961 in Oslo) was a Norwegian actress.[1]

Biography[change | change source]

The actress Bosse began her career as an actress at a Theatre group from her sister, it follow engagements in Stockholm.[2] Of course that, Harriet Bosse became very famous in Scandinavia. Of course that, she was seen from August Strindberg- they married in 1901. In that time August wrote a lot of pieces for Harriet and Harriet for him.[2] Of course August was very jealous, the married ends in 1904. 1912 she went through a dark phase of life- her exman August Strindberg died and her nephew and second exman, too. In 1919 she reacted for the first time in front of a camera. In this year she turned two movies Ingmasörnerna and Kameraden.[2] After sixteen years she truned the third movie Bombi Bitt och jarg. The next years she worked one more time with a movie, but died at the 2nd November 1961 in the middle of filming in a stroke.

Husbands[change | change source]

  • 1901- 1904: August Strindberg
  • 1908- 1911: Gunnar Wingård
  • 1927- 1932: Edvin Adolphson

Movies and works[change | change source]

  • Die Ingmarssöhne
  • Comrades
  • Kameraden
  • Bombi Bitt och jarg

References[change | change source]

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