August Strindberg

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Johan August Strindberg ( 22 January 1849 in Stockholm[1]- 14 May 1912 in Stockholm) was a Swedish writer and artist.

August Strindberg
22 January 1849

Early life[change | change source]

He was born as the fourth child of Carl Oscar Strindberg and Ulrike Eleonora. For the art he was not really interested, but it came later. Later, he began his medical studies at the University in Uppsala, tried to be an actor and worked before his career as a writer and journalist.

In the middle of the 19th century he lived in France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and England.[1]

Career[change | change source]

Beside writing books and something different he was really interested in drawing and natural sciences. 1877 August married Siri von Essen, an actress from the royal drama. With her he had three kids- Karin (1880), Greta (1881) and Hans (1884). After married Frida Strindberg-Uhl he had his inferno-crisis, with full of hallucinations and death thoughts.

Personal life[change | change source]

In 1896, he came back to Stockholm and died at the 14th May 1912 in Stockholm.[1] He was buried in Solna next to his first wife, Finnish actress, Siri von Essen.

Pieces (5)[2][change | change source]

  • 1887- the father
  • 1888- Fröken Jullie (miss Jullie)
  • 1901- The dance of death
  • 1902- A dream game
  • 1908- The ghostsonate

Wives [2][change | change source]

  • 1877-1893- Siri von Essen
  • 1893-1897- Frida Strindberg-Uhl
  • 1901-1904- Harriet Bosse

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