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Hawa Abdallah Mohammed Salih

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Secretary Clinton and First Lady Obama With 2012 IWOC Award Winner Hawa Abdallah Mohammed Salih of Sudan

Hawa Abdallah Mohammed Salih (Arabic: حواء عبد الله محمد صالح) is a Sudanese activist.[1] In 2012, she received the International Women of Courage Award from the U.S. State Department.[1][2]

Early life[change | change source]

Hawa was born in North Darfur, Sudan. She left Darfur because of war between the Sudanese government forces and Darfur rebels.[3]

Work[change | change source]

Hawa moved to Abu Shouk internally displaced persons camp for refugees. She worked with the United Nations and with the American NGO International Rescue Committee (IRC). She helped complain about bad conditions in the camp, so people would be aware.[3] Hawa went to jail three times because of her work. The National Security police kidnapped her twice.

In 2011 she was in jail for two months in a state prison in Khartoum.[3][4] In 2011 she escaped from Sudan.[1] In 2013 she asked to stay in the United States.[5]

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