Hellenic Parliament

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Hellenic Parliament

Βουλή των Ελλήνων
9th Revisionary House
18th Unitary Parliamentary Republic Parliament
Deputy Speakers
Alexis Tsipras, Syriza
since 8 July 2019
Political groups
Government (158)
  •   New Democracy (158)

Official Opposition (86)

Other Opposition (56)

Length of term
up to 4 years
Semi-proportional representation with majority bonus system
Last election
7 July 2019
Next election
On or before July 2023
Meeting place
The plenary chamber.
Old Royal Palace

The Hellenic Parliament (Greek: Ελληνικό Κοινοβούλιο, transliterated Elliniko Kinovoulio), in Greek known as Voulí ton Ellínon (Greek: Βουλή των Ελλήνων, literally Parliament of the Hellenes) is the parliament of Greece. It is located in the Old Royal Palace in Athens. The Parliament represents the citizens through an elected body of Members of Parliament (MPs).

It is a unicameral legislature of 300 members, elected for a four-year term. The leading person of the parliament is known as the Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament.

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