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A helmet is a hard or cushioned hat which is worn to protect a person's head. There are many different types of helmets. Some helmets are made from metal. Other helmets are made from plastic. Helmets often have fabric cushions inside and fabric straps to hold the helmet on a person's head.

Types of helmets[change | change source]

Soldiers wear steel helmets to protect their heads from explosions and bullets. Construction workers wear plastic helmets to protect their heads from falling objects. Welders wear special helmets with a dark window that lets less light through. This protects their eyes from the bright light of welding. Bicycle riders wear plastic helmets with foam, to protect their heads in case they have an accident. Motorcycle riders wear similar but stronger helmets. People who ride horses often wear helmets, to protect them if they fall off the horse. People who rock climb wear helmets in case they fall. Cavers wear helmets to protect their heads from bumping into rocks in a cave.

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