Hero of the Soviet Union

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Hero of the Soviet Union
Hero of the USSR Gold Star.png

Gold Star Medal of Hero of the Soviet Union
Awarded by the  Soviet Union
Type Honorary title
Eligibility Soviet and foreign citizens
Awarded for Heroic feats in service to the Soviet state and society
Status No longer awarded
Established April 16, 1934
First awarded April 20, 1934
Last awarded December 24, 1991
Total awarded 12,775
Next (lower) Order of Lenin
Related Hero of the Russian Federation

The Hero of the Soviet Union was a medal awarded to members of the Soviet Union Red Army during World War II for men who drastically changed the outcome of a battle. 12,775 were awarded. Title of Hero of the Soviet Union was introduced by the Decree of the CEC of the USSR on 16 April 1934. After WW2 many other socialist countries established similar award. There were a lot of persons who was awarded more that one time.[1]

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