Coordinates: 59°21′17″N 18°05′40″E / 59.35472°N 18.09444°E / 59.35472; 18.09444
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Hjorthagen and surroundings (2004)
Hjorthagen and surroundings (2004)
Country Sweden
Municipal areaCity Centre

Hjorthagen is a district in the northeastern part of central Stockholm, located near Ropsten and Lidingöbron. Since 1997, Hjorthagen has been part of Östermalm district.

District[change | change source]

Hjorthagen Church on the left and Värtaverket's chimney on the right.

Hjorthagen belongs to Östermalm district, it had around 8,000 inhabitants in 2017 and is estimated to have over 17,000 inhabitants by year 2027.[1] The district borders Ladugårdsgärdet and Norra Djurgården.

References[change | change source]

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59°21′17″N 18°05′40″E / 59.35472°N 18.09444°E / 59.35472; 18.09444