Hong Seok-cheon

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In this Korean name, the family name is Hong.
Hong Seok-cheon
Revised RomanizationHong Seok-cheon
McCune–ReischauerHong Sŏkch'ŏn

Hong Seok-cheon (Hangul: 홍석천; Hanja: 洪錫天, born February 3, 1971) is a South Korean model and movie actor. In 1994, he was a reporter of KBS broadcast.

in 1994, he was a repoter of KBS broadcast, next years he was enter a 1995 student's gag contest, prize third-class and debut actor.[1] In September 2000, he was public coming out,[2][3] that times he was more broadcasters and drama, film casting.

so assault of more Koeran mass communication, but in 2002, he was comebacks success.

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