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In this Korean name, the family name is Lee.

Template:Infobox Chinese/HeaderTemplate:Infobox Chinese/FooterLee Si-yeon(Hangul: 이시연; Hanja: 李詩姸, born in July 24, 1979) is a South Koreanmodeland actress. Her uncle was Seo Jae-hyok, a famous singer-songwriter, guitar player and member of the band Buhwal.[1]She was born male, in South Korea. so exist to one youger brothers, Singer Seo Jae-hyokis Nephew of Hers Maternal grandmother. Her first name was Lee Dae-hak(Hangul: 이대학; Hanja: 李大鶴). In May 1999, debut of Anti misskorea competition(안티 미스코리아 대회),[2]and Immediately after debut of Actor. While actors activities Dae-hak had a sex changein 2007.[3][4]In 2010, the debut of singer.[5]

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Hangul 이대학
Hanja 李大鶴
Revised Romanization I Dae-hak
McCune–Reischauer Yi Dae-hak
Stage name
Hangul 이시연
Hanja 李詩姸
Revised Romanization I See-yon
McCune–Reischauer Yi Si-yon
Name Lee Si-yeon
Alternative names Lee Si-yeon (real name); Lee Dae-hak (birth name)
Short description model and actress
Date of birth July 24, 1979
Place of birth South Korea
Date of death
Place of death