Human rights in Kuwait

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Human rights in Kuwait are a topic of significant concern. Most notably, Kuwait's handling of the stateless Bedoon crisis has come under substantial criticism from international human rights groups and the United Nations.[1][2][3] Kuwait has the largest number of stateless people in the entire region.[2][3] Kuwait also faces significant criticism for the human rights violations against foreign nationals, Kuwaiti Women, and LGBT people.

LGBT Rights[change | change source]

LGBT people living in Kuwait face discriminatory laws and public attitudes. The penal code contains some general provisions against debauchery and immorality that can be used to punish LGBT people.

  • Article 193 of the Penal Code punishes "consensual intercourse between men of full age (from the age of 21)" with a term of imprisonment of up to seven years.[4]
  • Article 198 prohibits public immorality. In 2008, the law was expanded to also outlaw "imitating the appearance of a member of the opposite sex" with fines and or imprisonment.[5]

Foreign nationals infected with AIDS/HIV are deported.[6]

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