Hungarian Vizsla

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An adult Hungarian Vizsla

Hungarian Vizsla is a dog breed. Vizslas are known for being affectionate and not aggressive. They originated in Hungary and are an excellent hunting dogs.

History[change | change source]

The breed was developed from dogs used by Hungarian tribes. Vizslas were owned by sporting nobility of Hungary who use to hunt with them. They were used to hunt deer, wild boar and wolf. The breed almost disappeared during the First World War and Second. Dogs were smuggled out of Hungary during the Second World War. These dogs were used later to breed in other countries.

Appearance and personality[change | change source]

Hungarian Vizsla's have a dark gold coat. Some dogs may also have small white marks on their feet and/or chest. They are active, enthusiastic, friendly. Vizslas need human company to stay happy. They do not make good kennel dogs.

Exercise needs[change | change source]

Daily exercise and mental tasks are necessary. Outside they are very active. Indoors, Vizslas can be quite inactive. The dogs prefer to rest beside their owners. Some are quite demanding of attention. If Vizslas do not receive enough exercise, they will become bored. If bored, they may choose to do to amuse themselves with digging or chewing on things.