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Hunter River (Western Australia)

Coordinates: 15°2′34″S 125°22′50″E / 15.04278°S 125.38056°E / -15.04278; 125.38056
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Hunter River
Physical characteristics
 - locationDonkins Hll
 - elevation107 metres (351 ft)[1]
MouthYork Sound
 - elevationsea level
Length16 kilometres (10 mi)
Basin size408 square kilometres (158 sq mi)[2]

The Hunter River is in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The headwaters of the river rise below Donkins Hill. The river flows in a south-westerly direction. It empties into Prince Frederick Harbour. Then the river flows to the York Sound and the Indian Ocean.

The river was named by the explorer Philip Parker King in 1820. He was on the Mermaid while making charts in the area. The river was named after the surgeon on the Mermaid, James Hunter.

The river has two waterfalls. They are the Hunter Falls and the Donkin Falls. Both falls drop 90 metres (295 ft). A large rock formation is at the mouth of the river. The area is popular with tourism companies. Wilderness cruises operate in the area.


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15°2′34″S 125°22′50″E / 15.04278°S 125.38056°E / -15.04278; 125.38056