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IG-11 is a assassin droid from Star Wars. IG-11 has made multiple appearances in the television show The Mandalorian. During a mission to collect a bounty, Din Djarin and IG-11 worked together to collect it. But when IG-11 attempted to kill the bounty, the Mandalorian shot him in the head and nearly destroying him. But after the encounter, IG-11 was saved and rebuilt into a nurse droid by Kuiil. When Din Djarin recruits Kuiil and IG-11 for a mission, IG-11 is tasked with protecting Grogu. During the mission Kuiil is killed and Grogu is taken captive. But IG-11 comes by to quickly take back Grogu and skirmish with the Imperial forces. Pinned down in a tavern, IG-11 heals Din Djarin's head wounds while the others escape. Eventually, the group takes a boat down a lava stream to the lava flats but a platoon of stormtroopers. IG-11 sacrifices himself by self- destruction, killing the stormtroopers and giving Mando and his group the ability to escape. IG-11 is the same model as IG-88 and is voiced by Taika Waititi.[1]

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