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IWI Negev

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A Negev

The Negev is a light machine gun of Israeli origin in 5.56 mm or 7.62 mm caliber. It is produced by Israel Weapons Industries (IWI) and was adopted by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in 1997.

This machine gun fires 5.56x45 mm and 7.62x51 mm ammunition. It has a high rate of fire: 850-1150 bullets per minute. It can be fed with 150-round belts or 30-round magazines. It has an effective range of 300 to 1000 meters.

The Negev has been used in several conflicts in which the Israel Defense Forces have been involved, as well as by other military forces around the world. Some of the conflicts in which the Negev has been used include military operations in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Lebanon, Israel-Gaza war and other places where Israeli forces have been deployed. Additionally, the Negev has been exported to several countries and has been used in regional conflicts in which those military forces are involved.