Gaza Strip

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Map of the Gaza Strip from The World Factbook.
Gaza Strip

The Gaza Strip is a self governing stretch of land along the Mediterranean. The main city in the Gaza Strip is called Gaza. The strip is currently governed by Hamas, a group declared terrorist by many western nations for it's launching of rockets into Israel. Hamas and the other Palestinian faction called Fatah, a more moderate group which rules parts of the West Bank, do not get along

It is the 13th most densely populated areas on Earth. About 1.8 million Palestinians live on a surface of roughly 360 km².

Israel moved Jewish settlements and troops into Gaza in 1967, and controlled the Strip's borders, coastline and airspace until 2005, when it withdrew. Gaza is recognized as occupied territory under international law by the United Nations, Amnesty International, , and several other organizations for the Israeli blockade placed upon it. Israel has conducted several wars with Hamas, as a result of their terrorist acts, causing much of the infrastructure of the Strip to be non functional.[1]

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