Ice skating

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Hendrick Avercamp - A Scene on the Ice - WGA01076.jpg
Ice Skating in Leeds, England.

Ice skating is a sport that takes up a lot of time and hard work. People wear special shoes (called skates) to skate on ice. These are preferably called boots by ice skaters themselves. Ice skates have narrow pieces of metal on the bottom of sed boots called blades. The figure skaters glide across the ice by sliding on their blades. Some skaters take part in competitions and move on to be professionals. There are so many jobs in Ice Skating including; coaches judges announcers ticket sellers performer choreographer costume designer/ tailor makeup artist Hair stylist ETC

Ice skating is one of the hardest sports which needs skills like grace, good posture flexibility, balance - everyone should respect ice skaters. IMaybe the next ice skater you meet you should appreciate them because it is a VERY hard sport.