In the Night Garden...

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In the Night Garden... is a British preschool children's television series created, written and composed by Teletubbies co-creator Andrew Davenport for CBeebies and BBC Two and CBBC. produced by Ragdoll Productions. The show was aimed at children aged from one to six years old. The programme is narrated by Derek Jacobi. It is filmed mostly in live action and features a mix of actors in costume, stop motion, puppetry and CGI animation. In 2010, the BBC confirmed that it would not be commissioning a third series.

Characters[change | change source]

  • Igglepiggle is a tall blue man with 4 red things on his head that look like hair. He carries a red blanket everywhere, and sometimes he loses it. Igglepiggle makes squeaking and jingling sounds. Igglepiggle falls over when he is worried, and he is the one who isn't in bed at the end of the episodes. Igglepiggle is played by Nick Kellington.
  • Upsy Daisy is a ragdoll-like girl with colourful hair that looks like gummy worms, and wears a red/white skirt which fills up with air when she wants to dance. Upsy Daisy has a megaphone on a pole which she uses as a microphone and likes to sing her name into it across the garden. Upsy Daisy has a bed which runs on wheels and whistles as it moves, which only she is allowed to sleep in. Upsy Daisy is played by Rebecca Hyland.
  • Makka Pakka is a short, beige doll with three round bits sticking out of his head. He lives in his rock cave, where he sleeps on his stone bed with one of his rocks. He rides around on his Og Pog, a three-wheeled scooter with a horn and a place for his soap and sponge. The Og-Pog additionally holds Makka Pakka's bellows which is called an Uff-uff. Makka Pakka is played by Justyn Towler.
  • The Tombliboos are three toys who have five round bits on their heads, stripy tops and spotty trousers. The Tombliboos' names are Unn (who is red and green) Ooo (who is brown and pink) and Eee (who is pink and yellow). The Tombliboos live in a big tall bush which has branches and different platforms inside. The Tombliboos like to play the drums and the piano, and brush their teeth on some occasions before bedtime. The Tombliboos' sleeping bags are colour coded to match who sleeps in which sleeping bag. Unn is played by Andy Wareham, Ooo is played by Isaac Blake[1] and Holly Denoon and Eee is played by Elisa Laghi.
  • The Pontipines and the Wottingers are two families of ten wooden dolls. The Pontipines are dressed in red and the Wottingers are dressed in blue. There are a mother, father and eight children in each family. Mr Pontipine wears a big fake moustache which sometimes flies off and makes whistling noises. Mrs Pontipine carries binoculars everywhere to look for the children. The Pontipines like having dinners outside, and sometimes invite the Wottingers to have dinner with them.
  • The Haahoos are five large balloon-like creatures. The Haahoos consist of a blue spotty X, a purple pear with flowers all over it, a blue/red checkered ball, a yellow spotty star and a flower respectively. The Haahoos move slowly through the garden, and close their eyes when it's time to go to sleep.
  • The Ninky Nonk is a toy train with five different carriages. The first is shaped like a banana and is red/orange with a green light, the second carriage is shape a bit like a pumpkin and is green and yellow which is rode by the Tombliboos and Makka Pakka, the third carriage looks like a house and is rode by the Pontipines, the fourth carriage looks a bit like the tardis and is rode by Upsy Daisy and Igglepiggle,[2] and the final carriage is tall and rounded and is rode by Igglepiggle.[3] The Ninky Nonk goes up and down trees and the lights on top flash when the Ninky Nonk stops.
  • The Pinky Ponk is a sort of blimp which is a teal colour and is covered in pink/yellow spots, orange fins and purple propellers. The Pinky Ponk has a large pink propeller at the back, three white lights on top and a pink nose which flashes from time to time. The passengers drink Pinky Ponk Juice when riding the Pinky Ponk, and there is a deck inside near the ceiling where the Pontipines sit inside the Pinky Ponk, and a deck outside which is used by Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy a lot of the time so they can look around the garden. The Pinky Ponk likes to bump into trees, and on the rarest occasions, it gets stuck in a tree and the characters have to rock back and forth to get it out again.
  • The Tittifers are a group of birds which consist of a toucan, two turacoes, three hoopoes and four finches. One of the four group of birds sing during segments in each episode, and all sing together before bedtime.
  1. Tombliboo Ooo was played by Isaac Blake until January 2008, when he was fired by Ragdoll Productions and suffered from injuries during production.
  2. when Igglepiggle is travelling with Upsy Daisy.
  3. when Igglepiggle is travelling alone.