Ina Bauer

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Kim Yu-Na performs the Ina Bauer

An Ina Bauer is a figure skating element. It is named after a figure skater from Germany named Ina Bauer, who invented the position.

The Ina Bauer is performed by placing the feet in the fourth position in ballet. The front leg is bent forwards at the knee and the back leg is extended behind the skater. The front leg can be either on an inside edge or an outside edge. An outside edge Ina Bauer is harder to do. While the skater skates in a curve across the ice (necessary because of the skate positions), the back can be bent backwards. This is not mandatory, but it does add to the element.

The Ina Bauer is a famous move in Japan because it was performed by Shizuka Arakawa during her long program at the 2006 Winter Olympics, which she won. Because she bends back so far during the move, the term in Japanese has come to mean anything having to do with bending backwards.

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