Independent Women Part I

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Independent Women Part I
Singel Destiny's Child
from the album Survivor
Released August 10, 2000
Genre R&B
Label Columbia Records
Writer Beyoncé Knowles, Sam Barnes, Jean-Claude Olivier, Cory Rooney
Producer Beyoncé Knowles, Cory Rooney, Poke & Tone
Destiny's Child singles chronology
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Independent Women Part I
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Independent Women Part I
Number 1's track listing
Stand Up for Love
Independent Women Part I

"Independent Women (Part I)" is an R&B song written by American singer-songwriter Beyoncé Knowles, Sam Barnes, Jen-Claude Olivier, and Cory Rooney for Destiny's Child's third studio album, Survivor (2001), only considered as a bonus track. It was produced by Knowles, Rooney, and Poke & Tone and first appeared on the soundtrack to the film Charlie's Angels. Released as both the soundtrack's and album's first single in fall 2000, the song held the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for eleven consecutive weeks from November 2000 to February 2001. Although, for the United Kingdom, it was released on the same day, with both Part I and Part II counting as the song release.

The music video was directed by Francis Lawrence. At the end, the women are greeted by the ever-mysterious "Charlie".

Credits and personnel[change | change source]

Official versions[change | change source]

  • "Independent Women Part I" (Liquid 360 Dark Angel Mix)
  • "Independent Women Part I" (Skratch Attack Mix)
  • "Independent Women Part I" (A Cappella)
  • "Independent Women Part I" (Joe's Smooth 200 2Step Mix)
  • "Independent Women Part I" (Joe's Smooth Jazz Carnival Mix)
  • "Independent Women Part I" (Maurice's Independent Remix)
  • "Independent Women Part I" (Maurice's Radio Mix)
  • "Independent Women Part I" (Victor Calderone Club Remix)
  • "Independent Women Part I" (Victor Calderone Drum Dub Remix)
  • "Independent Women Part I" (Instrumental)
  • "Independent Women Part I" (Let It All Blow Remix)
  • "Independent Women Part II" (Instrumental)