Irish English

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Irish English is the dialect of the English language spoken in Ireland.

Accent[change | change source]

Vowels[change | change source]

  • /ʌ/ as in "cut" or "run" is centralized and more rounded
  • "any" and "many" rhyme with "nanny"
  • /eɪ/ as in "rain" or "bay" becomes [eː] ou even /ɛ/ as in "gave" or "came"
  • the distinction between /ɔːr/ and /oʊr/ is maintained ; hence "horse" and "hoarse" are pronounced differently

Consonants[change | change source]

  • ð/ and /θ/ are often pronounced [d] and [t] respectively
  • /t/ at the end or between two vowels is often flapped
  • /l/ is non-velarised (unlike in American English)
  • "r" is always pronounced (unlike in RP) and very often as /ɻ/