Isabella, Queen of Armenia

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Queen Isabella of Armenia (died c. 1252) ruled the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia 12191252. She was the daughter of Leo II of Armenia and Sybilla of Lusignan (daughter of Amalric I of Cyprus). Leo named Isabella as his heir.

She was married twice. Her first husband was Philip, son of Bohemund IV of Antioch, whom she married in 1223. Philip was murdered in 1225.

Her second husband was Hethum (or Hetoum) I, to whom she was married against her will on June 14, 1226. Hethum was co-ruler (or ruler) of Armenia from 1226 to 1270. The couple had six children:

  1. Leo III (d. 1289)
  2. Thoros (d. 1266),
  3. Sibylle (d. 1290), who married Bohemund VI of Antioch
  4. Euphemie (d. 1309), who married to Julien Grenier, Lord of Sidon
  5. Rita of Armenia
  6. Maria of Armenia, who married Guy d'Ibelin
Preceded by
Leo II
Queen of Armenia
Succeeded by

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