Istriot language

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Istriot is a Romance language, spoken in Istria. Today, Istria is part of Croatia. Croatian is a Slavic language. There are only few speakers left. They live around the cities/villages of Rovinj (Rovigno), Vodnjan (Dignano), Bale (Valle), Fažana (Fasana), Galižana (Gallisana), Ližnjan (Lissiano) and Pula (Pola). The Istriot language is different from the Istriot dilect of the Venetian language. The language is mostly used for speaking; in writing, Italian is used. From the forms of the language, Istriot is between Italian, and the Eastern Romance languages, most notably the extinct Dalmatian language. No exact figures exist, but probably there are less than 1000 speakers left.

Its speakers do not call the language Istriot, they use the name of the place where they live, so they mights speak about Rovignano for example.