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The Party of Tatar National Independence İttifaq or Ittifak (Tatar: Cyrillic Татар милли бәйсезлек партиясе "Иттифак", Latin Tatar Milli Bäysezlek Partiäse "İttifaq", Russian: Татарская партия национальой независимости "Иттифак" ) is a political party.

History[change | change source]

It was founded in the Tatar ASSR in April, 1990, and officially registered on January 3, 1992.[1] Ittifaq was the first non-communist party in Tatarstan. It is commonly referred to as a Tatar nationalist party. It was named in honour of Ittifaq al-Muslimin, a pre-revolutionary Muslim political party represented in the parliament (Duma) of the czarist Russia.

Goals[change | change source]

The goals, as claimed by the party, are:

  • revival of the Tatar nation
  • restoring Tatar statehood
  • recognition of the Tatar state as an international entity.

Leadership[change | change source]

The permanent leader of the Ittifaq party is Fäwziä Bäyrämova. She has been leading the party for more than 20 years.

Publications[change | change source]

The party published its own newspaper - Altın Urda - from 1993 to 1998.[2]

References[change | change source]

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