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Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani

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Jaani Dushman : Ek Anokhi Kahani is a 2002 Bolywoood film, starring Sunny Deol, Suniel Shetty and Akshay Kumar in lead roles.

Jaani Dushman : Ek Anokhi Kahani
Directed byRajkumar Kohli
Written byK. K Singh
Screenplay byNaveena Bhandari Rajkumar Kohli
Story byRajinder Singh Aatish
Produced byRajkumar Kohli
CinematographyThomas A Xavier Damodar Naidu
Edited byKuku Cuckoo Dilip Darak
Music byAnand Raj Anand Sandeep Chowta
Shankar Movies
Release date
16 August 2002
Running time
156 Minutes
BudgetRs.18 Crore
Box officeRs. 19 Crore

Plot[change | change source]

Divya (Manisha Koirala) and Karan (Sunny Deol) are in love, and planning to marry. While Karan has got job, Divya is still in her college's last year, with Karan's younger step brother Vivek (Sonu Nigam). They live in the hostel with Atul (Akshay Kumar), Abdul (Arshad Warsi), Ashok (Aditya Pancholi), Prem (Aftab Shivdasani), Vijay (Suniel Shetty), Viktor (Sharad Kapoor), Niki (Upasana Singh), Nita (Rambha), Preeti (Pinky Campbell) and Rashmi (Kiran Rathod). Abdul had an habit of cracking lame jokes.

Rajesh (Rajat Bedi) and Madan (Siddharth Ray) once try to rape Divya, but Karan came at the right moment by smashing door to save Divya. In front of whole college both of them are humiliated and they decided to avenge their humiliation.

Divya started listening to a call from a man named Kapil (Armaan Kohli), who is a blessed serpant, and tells Divya to be her lover in earlier birth. Divya started getting dreams of the past, when sage (Amrish Puri) cursed them that they would be separated and will meet in 21st century, because they disturbed him in his meditation. She also comes to know that her name in previous birth was Vasundara. Vasundara died after that curse, and reborns as Divya in her new birth. She believes Kapil, but left him to attend a call from Atul. Atul told her to come to a party. When Atul's friends were planning, Divya then calls at Atul's house to say that she is not coming. However, Rajesh imitates the voice of all male members of the group and tricked her to come to an abandoned fort at wrong time. Rajesh and Madan then brutally rape her, for which she had to suicide. As she was dying, she told Kapil to take her revenge from all male members of the group, since she had a misunderstanding.

Madan is killed the same day by Kapil by poisoning by his bite, while Rajesh is killed later on his wedding night by Divya's ghost.

Viktor, when going to Atul's party, is chased by Kapil and he kills Viktor by riding motorcycle on his neck. Kapil takes Viktor's disguise, go to the party and electrocutes lame joker Abdul to death. All of them became tensed and their Principle (Raj Babbar), who was a spiritologist, believed their innocence, and called Divya's spirit to talk with them, and dismiss the misunderstanding. However, Atul in between in anger shoted bullets at Divya and her spirit began to disappear. Suddenly, all realised what had happened that day. Principle gave them lockets, which when on their body, save them from Divya and Kapil. Atul initially did not believed, but when the locket saved him from accident, he started believing in gods.

Atul started chasing Kapil in motorcycle, however his locket gets off from his body in between. He then got fatal blows from Kapil on his head. He shoted bullets at Kapil, but they had no effect on him. As he was about to lie on ground due to fatal injuries, Atul exploded a bomb on Kapil, and felled on the ground fainted, but he did not die. However, he goes into coma. The exploded body parts of Kapil came together and joined to again form Kapil.

Ashok and Prem both had crush on Rashmi. But Rashmi loved Prem, however Ashok was far mire powerful and rich than Prem. So, Prem used to get hit from Ashok various times to stay away from Rashmi. Divya's ghost went inside Prem and hypnotized his mind, which prompted him to hit Ashok and eventually kill him. Prem got arrested on charge of murder. Rashmi tried to free Prem by engaging a lawyer, but on the day of hearing, Kapil kidnaps Rashmi, takes Rashmi's disguise and goes to the court instead. He says all opposite things and Prem is convicted of murder by the court and is hanged.

Vijay is afraid to fight a boxing match against Ajay (his opponent) as he is sure that Kapil will take Ajay's disguise and kill him. But he had to fight to win Preeti, and prove his love for her. However, he wins the match because Divya had stopped Kapil from killing Vijay since she wanted to kill Vijay herself, because he was, according to her, the biggest traitor. The Principle traps Divya's ghost in a box to save Vijay, but she gets out mysteriously, goes into Vijay's body, and kills him by throwing him from a building.

Vivek, afraid he's next, calls his elder brother Karan to save him, but Kapil stabs him in disguise of Karan, but police arrives at the right time and real Karan is arrested by police. Kapil did this because he did not wanted to hit Karan, since he was innocent.

Suddenly, Atul gets conscious, but before Nita could bring doctor, he had run off on motorcycle with Vivek and was chasing Kapil. Again, locket gets off and Atul gets brutally stabbed by Kapil on his stomach. He then gets another fatal blows from Kapil. As he was about to die, he runs to the Principle, requesting him to save Vivek at any cost. Principle promises him. Saying this, Atul dies in Principle's hands.

Karan, with his full power, breaks the jail bars and runs from the police station to reach the place where Vivek and Kapil were fighting. He challenges Kapil and a fierce fight between the two began. However, Karan gets defeated and almost killed. Principle chants some chants, which gave Karan supernatural powers, and with his powers he finally kills Kapil. Therefore, Vivek becomes the only survivor in the killer's group and he lives happy life with Karan ever after.

Divya and Kapil reunite in heaven.

Cast[change | change source]

  1. Sunny Deol as Karan
  2. Armaan Kohli as Kapil
  3. Manisha Koirala as Divya/Vasundara
  4. Akshay Kumar as Atul
  5. Sonu Nigam as Vivek
  6. Suniel Shetty as Vijay
  7. Sharad Kapoor as Viktor
  8. Arshad Warsi as Abdul
  9. Aditya Pancholi as Ashok
  10. Aftab Shivdasani as Prem
  11. Kiran Rathod as Rashmi
  12. Rajat Bedi as Rajesh (Bhen Ka Loda )
  13. Siddharth Ray as Madan (Bhen Ka Loda )
  14. Raj Babbar as Principle
  15. Pinky Campbell as Preeti
  16. Rambha as Nita
  17. Upasana Singh as Niki
  18. Amrish Puri as the angry sage
  19. Johny Lever as Parwana, Vivek's servant (cameo appereance)
  20. Aman Verma as TV Host (cameo appereance)