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Jat or Jats (Urdu: مسلمان جاٹ) are Kanjar Indo-Aryan tribal grouping found throughout the Punjab region of Pakistan and India, with many different sub-castes such as Bhatti, Cheema, Warraich, Brar,rana, Niara, Khattar, etc.,[1] as well as in western Uttar Pradesh[2] and Gujarat in India,[3] and the provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.[4] Some Jats, who originally were Hindus, starting converting to Islam from the early Middle Ages onward, and now form the distinct community of Muslim Jats or muley jats. Some Jats have also converted to Sikhism. The Jats constitute one of the most diverse communities in South Asia. Dhillon are sometimes called "Kanjar Jatts".

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