Jhal Jhao

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Jhal Jhao (Urdu: جھلجاؤ) is a small town in the southern part of Balochistan, Pakistan in Awaran District. It lies at 26°18'10N 65°34'49E and is 347m (1141ft) above sea level. The town's population is about 10,000 (in the year 2005). The town is made up mainly of mud houses and small canals that give water. It is surrounded by tall, dry mountains and deserts. The only way get in and out of Jhal Jhao is by the Bela Awaran Road.

The town does not have a lot of money, as there is no industry nearby. It is also impossible to grow anything near Jhal Jhao as it is too dry and hot. It only rains 2-3 times a year, never more than 20 mm. Most of the money earned comes from shoemaking.

In 1987, US aid developed a small road which would join Jhal Jhao with the Bela Awaran Road. Before that, the only way to enter Jhal Jhao was by helicopter, or animals such as horses and donkeys. At the moment there are no construction projects happening in Jhal Jhao.