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Jihad Jabril (March 3 1961 - May 20 2002) was the son of Ahmed Jibril, founder of the PFLP-G. He was killed by a car bomb. He was assassinated on May 20, 2002. Jihad Ahmed Jibril was the leader of the military wing of the PFLP-GC and was the heir apparent of the organization before he was killed in a car bombing in Beirut in 2002. The assassination was blamed on Israel, although Jibril had many other enemies, including the Lebanese Christian militia and other Palestinian nationalist organizations.

Ahmed Jabril was co-leader of the militant Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command. Israeli radio reports said that the son, Jihad Jabril, was involved in smuggling arms and explosives to Palestinian militants in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. But there was no evidence to directly link him with terrorist attacks.

Ahmed Jabril accused the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, of responsibility for the killing, but a spokesman for Defense Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer said Israel was not involved.

In mid-June 2006, Lebanon authorities arrested a group of alleged spies who reportedly confessed to working for Israel and carrying out the attacks.