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John the Baptist in Islam

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John the Baptist
Caligraphy of his name
Bornc. 1st Century BC
Diedc. 30 AD
Cause of deathHead chopped off at Machaerus
Parent(s)Zakariya (Zechariah)
Isha' (Elizabeth)
RelativesIsa (cousin), Mariam (aunt)

Yahya ibn Zakariya (John, son of Zecariah) is a prophet in Islam, who was sent to the Children of Jacob to guide them. He is mentioned 5 times in the Quran.[1]

He is honored in Sufism due to his good character and kindness.[2] Sufis claim that both Jesus and Yahya are similar due to both being given wisdom by God and phrases being similarly used to describe the prophets.[3]

Various hadiths say he died without any sins and the Quran says he was blessed both on the day he was born and the day he died.[4][5]

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