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Jordan Hadži Konstantinov-Džinot

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Jordan Hadži Konstantinov-Džinot
Йордан Хаджиконстантинов - Джинот (bg)
Јордан Хаџи Константинов-Џинот (mk)
Portrait of Jordan Hadži Konstantinov-Džinot
BornAround 1821
Died29 August, 1881

Yordan Hadzhikonstantinov - Dzhinot (Bulgarian: Йордан Хаджиконстантинов - Джинот, Macedonian: Jордан Хаџи Констандинов-Џинот, c. 1818 – 22 August 1882), was a Bulgarian teacher and author, an important figure of the Bulgarian National Revival during the 19th century.[1][2]

Sources[change | change source]

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  2. He openly stated: " I am Bulgarian, and I bewail our lost Bulgarians, who are in Lower Moesia, and it is our duty to lay down our life for our brothers, the dearest Bulgarians". in "Macedonia. Collection of Documents and Materials", Sofia, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1978. Institute of History, Institute of Bulgarian Language, p. 151; (in Bulgarian).